Prime Gun School Planning: What Aerial Canine Combating Teaches Us About School Funding


As a pilot who was impressed by the distinctive Prime Gun movie over 35 years prior to now, I was fully joyful to see that Prime Gun: Maverick was nominated this 12 months for biggest motion picture on the 95th Academy Awards.

On March 12, the Prime Gun sequel went up in direction of quite a few movies I’m sorry to say I didn’t see, like The Fabelmans The Banshees of Inisherin, and Triangle of Disappointment.  I’m constructive that a couple of of those completely different movies are further profound. Nonetheless, I like Prime Gun: Maverick, and was pleasantly surprised to see its nomination for this 12 months’s Academy Awards.

The distinctive Prime Gun was fashionable, offering the viewers an exhilarating notion into flying a Navy F-14 Tomcat. Certainly not-before-seen flight scenes blew me away.

Plainly this movie was a sensational recruiting software program for the Navy and Air Stress.  I was impressed ample to fly and alter into an Air Stress officer and aviator. Nevertheless I digress…

With the Oscars as a backdrop, and as a curious explicit particular person, I began to evaluation the development of a superb movie:

Good Storytelling – Freytag’s Pyramid

Gustav Freytag, a Nineteenth-century critic of William Shakespeare’s performs, geared up Freytag’s Pyramid, a framework of storytelling that focused on tragic narratives nonetheless may be used for almost any stylish story. Freytag’s pyramid suggests that each story has 5 most necessary elements. Let’s see how this labored for the distinctive Prime Gun movie:

  1. The Exposition: most necessary characters are revealed, some background is obtainable, and some main character progress.
  2. Complication, Maverick goes to Prime Gun faculty meets his nemesis, Iceman, and in the long run loses his good buddy Goose (his Radar Intercept Officer). That’s the foremost drawback that reshuffles the whole thing. How does Maverick reply? He takes a big blow to his confidence, begins to question the whole thing, fears flying, and considers quitting the Navy.
  3. Climax: Maverick comes once more to fly and even shoots down a Russian MIG whereas learning to be a further disciplined pilot and wingman to Iceman.
  4. Choice: Iceman and Maverick lastly develop mutual respect and alter into shut mates.
  5. Conclusion: a worthwhile end to the story as a result of the Navy aircraft supplier sails into the sunset.

Why do I say all of this? Oddly ample, the school planning course of tends to look at the equivalent 5 steps that Freytag described 150 years prior to now. Let’s take a look at…


A Succesful School Funding Narrative

The Exposition: Meet the Cooper Family

  • Joe Cooper, a 47-year-old, mid-level authorities for a Fortune 500 agency, making $125,000 a 12 months.
  • Susan Cooper, an administrative assistant, making $55,000 a 12 months.
  • Frequent Joe Junior, 17 years earlier, plans to go to Elizabethtown School, in Pennsylvania. He is comparatively immature, had an underage ingesting violation, and could be not completely ready for school life.
  • Overachiever Olivia, 15, who must go to Bucknell Faculty for engineering. She is inside the excessive 10% of her class and examined very extreme on the PSAT examination.


The Complication: School Is Bleeping Pricey

The Coopers’ complication, like so many various households, is the prohibitive value of school and their extreme anticipated family contribution. What have an effect on will these exorbitant costs have on the mom and father’ talent to retire on time? Is it attainable to strike a steadiness and have the whole thing work out for a worthwhile conclusion—possibly the place the Coopers are driving on their very personal cruise into the sunset?

Pre-Planning for the Coopers
Joe Olivia
Yr Faculty Tuition Faculty Tuition Full
2024 Elizabethtown $34,411 $34,411
2025 Elizabethtown $34,867 $34,867
2026 Elizabethtown $35,336 Bucknell $40,916 $76,252
2027 Elizabethtown $35,820 Bucknell $42,246 $78,066
2028 Bucknell $42,793 $42,793
2029 Bucknell $43,357 $43,357
Full $309,746

The Climax:
The Financial Dialog, Emotional Ache, and Late-Stage Scrambling

All 4 relations get entangled inside the course of to achieve at a plan that is applicable for everyone, or as Stephen Covey would say, a win-win scenario. What is going on to happen on this drama?

Keep in mind, flexibility is the necessary factor to air power…

The Choice: Through coaching, financial planning, and clear conversations. all people comes collectively to create a logical plan, even Joe, Jr., and Olivia.

  • Joe agrees to go to Harrisburg House Neighborhood School (HACC) for his first two years – it’ll get financial financial savings whereas giving Joe time to develop and resolve what he must test. The mom and father and school planner thought it is going to be a very good suggestion for Joe to take core curriculum applications that may change to most essential universities. This appears to be a large value monetary financial savings.
    • The family considers having Joe Jr. take a spot 12 months to entry further potential financial help by decreasing their anticipated family contribution (one other 12 months with every children in school).
  • Furthermore, Joe Jr. and Olivia conform to pay for 20% of school costs by shopping for federal loans and dealing part-time jobs (presumably with the help of work-study purposes.) The mom and father beloved this idea, as they hottest that their children have “some pores and pores and skin inside the sport.”
  • As a result of the planning developed, Olivia was not able to get quite a bit financial help from Bucknell Faculty. Fortunately, by means of the urging of her school planner, she utilized to 7 faculties to maximise benefit help possibilities.
    • Lastly, opponents ensued, and he or she was able to get a terrific provide from Susquehanna Faculty. The ending value was roughly HALF the worth of Bucknell Faculty.
Publish Planning
Joe Olivia
Yr Faculty Tuition Faculty Tuition Full
2024 HACC $8,565 $8,565
2025 HACC $8,693 $8,693
2026 Elizabethtown $35,336 Susquehanna $18,710 $54,046
2027 Elizabethtown $35,820 Susquehanna $20,831 $56,651
2028 Susquehanna $23,016 $23,016
2029 Susquehanna $25,266 $25,266
Full $176,237

* Joe did his first two years at HACC for fundamental electives
*Olivia decided to go to Susquehanna Faculty because of she was offered further scholarships

Conclusion: All people sticks to the plan.

There is a $133,509 value monetary financial savings to the Coopers. 

Too sometimes I see mom and father make an entire sacrifice for his or her children, on the expense of their very personal retirement and well-being. The Coopers continued saving at common costs for his or her very personal retirement.

Finally, all people was fully joyful.  Equivalent to Prime Gun Maverick on the night time time of the Oscars.

Author: Brent George, CFP






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