Driven by the belief that higher education serves as a catalyst for positive global change, our commitment is to empower universities and colleges in attracting, retaining, and nurturing highly satisfied students. We achieve this by guiding our partner institutions in the enhancement of enrollment management and financial aid strategies through personalized consulting, effective implementation, and dedicated staffing support.


Aid can be funded by either governments or private lenders.

Partnership for Enrollment Strategies Scholarships provide financial aid for students to pay for their education without any obligation to repay.

Slate Services – Preferred Affiliate Financially needy students are awarded grants as a form of financial aid.

Temporary Staffing for Admissions Program provides opportunities for students to work part-time jobs that can be adjusted to fit their schedules.

Essential Career Solutions

In our strategies, we give priority to goal-driven outcomes, evidence-based decision-making, and sustainable fulfillment of purpose. Our commitment is to improving access and equity in financial aid and admissions. We serve a variety of institution kinds and work with colleges all throughout the country.

Our Dedication

Our team offers impartial advice, execution, and personnel support to advance optimal practices in financial aid and enrollment management.

Driven by our strong belief in the transformative power of higher education, we are dedicated to enhancing accessibility and fairness in both financial aid and admissions processes.

Our approach is founded on data-driven strategies, aiming for measurable results, and ensuring continuous alignment with our mission.

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